Guide to Renaissance Swag, Part 1

Hast thou purchased tickets to a Renaissance Faire, Yet this one query plagues thee: “Alas! What to wear?”

Choosing a renaissance costume to attend the latest Ren Faire isn’t just an afterthought – your wardrobe sets the tone for your entire experience as you’re whisked away into another age! Clothing during the Renaissance Age revealed social status, as it was directly linked to a person’s wealth. King Henry VIII of England (late 15th-mid 16th century) actually imposed “Statutes of Apparel” that prevented anyone from dressing outside of their social class. Violating these laws could result in loss of property, loss of title, or even death.

Since dress was so meticulously regulated, you’ll want to be up to code. Here are a few key pieces to help the fair maidens among you achieve a ROYAL look:

The “Tudor Dress” featured an overskirt that was split into a V-shape in the middle, so that the garment underneath (known as the “kirtle”) could be seen. The style was to wear tight-fitted corsets and full gowns and kirtles.

Anjou Renaissance Gown

Our Very Own Anjou Renaissance Gown

As if they weren’t high enough on the fancy scale already, Tudor women also wore luxurious headdresses. One such piece was the Tudor French Hood

tudor french hood

The Tudor French Hood

. Anne of Bretagne was the first to design and use this hood. It became popular in the French Court when she became Queen of France after marrying Louis XII. This style made it across the pond to England when Anne Boleyn donned the hood when she met King Henry XIII. These two queens made the French Hood all the rage in Renaissance Europe!

The rim of the French Hood often sparkled with glass jewels called “bilaments” or pearls. Who knew bedazzling went all the way back to the Renaissance Age!

renaissance swag

The Equation for Renaissance Swag

If thou desirest a look akin to peasantry attire

Returneth thou soon! The next post shall be sure to inspire!

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