We’re Giving Away a FREE Medieval Shirt! The Sweepstakes Have Started!

Hello HCR Fans,

We’re excited to kick off our monthly sweepstakes with a bang. We’re giving away a FREE medieval Swordman’s or Swordwoman’s Shirt over on our Facebook Fan Page. Just for entering into the sweepstakes you’ll get a chance to win one of these for your next ren faire! Here they are pictured below:

Swordman's Shirt

Win this Swordman's Shirt at Our Sweepstakes!

Swordwoman's Shirt

Or Choose the Swordwoman's Shirt for Your Prize!

Head over to our Facebook Page and click on the sweepstakes icon to enter or go directly there by following this link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Historical-Clothing-Realm/154846274609352?sk=app_28134323652. Be sure to “Like” our Fan Page to keep up to date with all sweepstakes, contests, special sales, and much more! Well be updating it regularly so you won’t want to miss out!

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