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In Other News, King Henry VIII is Diagnosed with Toomanywives Syndrome

Oh Henry! candy bars were invented in the 15th century by a chocolatier who made this exclamation every time he opened his Renaissance Weekly newsletter and saw that King Henry VIII had gotten married… again. “Oh Henry! Why don’t give … Continue reading

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Perks of Being a Grecian Goddess

Aside from being able to turn rats into roses and to, you know, control the lives of mere mortals, a perk of being a Grecian goddess would be the limitless wardrobe options! Even though no actual articles of greek clothing … Continue reading

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Win a Free Gladiator Arena Helmet by Entering the HCR Sweepstakes!

We just went live with a new sweepstakes event over at the Historical Clothing Realm Facebook page. This time we’re giving away a free Gladiator Arena Helmet priced at $95. It’s free to enter the giveway with no obligation, so … Continue reading

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In the World of Womenswear: Gettin’ Funky with the Fleur-de-Lis

Nowadays, we expect that anyone rocking a bunch of flowers in their wardrobe is probably a hippie or an elementary-school-girl. But in medieval Europe, any man would have been proud to wear the flower known as the “fleur-de-lis,” since it … Continue reading

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Cool New Photo “On the Field of Honor and Virtue”

This great photo is brought to you by Jansen Legreid! He took this picture in his gear and photo shopped the background to make a very cool pic! In this photo he is wearing our very own Gothic Breastplate and … Continue reading

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Where’s Waldoius? Spotting a Centurion

If you happen to be time-traveling or watching a historical reenactment squad, you’ll want to be privy to the who’s who of the ancient world. Today, we’ll cover how to identify one of the most important members of the Roman … Continue reading

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Assassin’s Creed Costume Set Photo Entry!

Today’s featured photo entry from our recent HCR Photo Contest comes from Jennifer titled “Who’s that Assassin….”. This great photo features our Altair Costume Set, also known as the Assassin’s Creed Costume. Thanks Jennifer for your entry! You can view … Continue reading

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Capes and Cloaks

Hey ladies, are you looking to fall in love… with an outer garment? Coats are too needy and weighed down with emotional baggage. Jackets are too flippant and come and go as they please. You want a covering that’s fun, … Continue reading

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All Gaming Roads Lead to Total War: Rome II

Do you spend your spare time lounging in a toga, speaking Latin to your canis lupus familiaris, and thanking Jupiter that all roads lead to your great City? Do you also, anachronistically enough, relish the simulated battlegrounds of computer strategy … Continue reading

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Keeping Up With the Katanas: A Guide to Samurai Sword Maintenance

Your prize katana deserves to be well cared for, and that involves much more than stroking its lovely handle and singing it lullabies. Here’s our rendition of a one-stop-shop for everything you needed to know about loving your samurai sword … Continue reading

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