Capes and Cloaks

Hey ladies, are you looking to fall in love… with an outer garment? Coats are too needy and weighed down with emotional baggage. Jackets are too flippant and come and go as they please. You want a covering that’s fun, interesting, and able to go through the ups and downs of life with you.

There’s still hope! Check out this exclusive Q&A with our eligible “Outer Garment of the Week”:

Name: Cloak. When I was shorter, some people called me “Cape,” which is all right with me.

Age: I’ve likely been around since the beginning of clothes! As far as history is recorded, there’s always been some kind of formless outer garment to guard people from the weather.

About Me: I like to hang loosely over a person’s indoor clothing, like an overcoat but more free-spirited! I usually fasten at the neck or over the shoulder and am usually sleeveless, leaving arms uncovered for lots of hugs and the application of self-tanner. Sometimes I fasten down the front of the body, in which case I’ll have slits for the hands to pass through in case you need to exchange questionable merchandise in a dark alley.

I vary in length… sometimes I end at the hip, sometimes the ankle… but usually, I stretch down to the mid-calf. I may also have an attached hood, so little girls delivering cookies to their grandmothers can keep from catching head colds – no good to be sneezing when you’re trying to fend off a cross-dressing wolf!

Words Friends Use to Describe Me:

  • Protective – I’ll shield you from all the elements, whether it’s cold, rain, or wind!
  • Fashionable – I can be elaborately decorated and used as part of an outfit or uniform.
  • Old-Fashioned – I was most popular in medieval Europe and again in 19th century Europe, so I guess I can’t help reminding people of historic times…

What I Like to Do for Fun: One of my favorite things to do is appear in fantasy films. I’ve masqueraded as an invisibility device in the Harry Potter series. I’ve played a chameleon-like Elven-made garment worn by Fellowship members in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I also have a quite few superhero flicks in my background… but I don’t want to toot my own horn. Some have said there’s something magical about me, but I still feel like an everyday fabric outer garment!

Pictures of Me: I’m not shy about trying different colors!

Midnight Fantasy Cloak

Hooded Cotton Cloak

Hooded Cotton Cloak

reversible travellers cape

Reversible Travellers Cape

If you want to get to know the Cloak better and take one along to your next historical or fantasy-themed event, check out our colorful collection:

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