Not Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Short-Lived Queen, Jane Seymour

With only a year on the throne, Jane is less remembered as a Queen and more remembered as King Henry VIII’s wife who finally gave him the son he so longed for. But is there more to Queen Jane than the mother of the future king? Let’s ask her herself! Commence interview sequence:

I was the daughter of a knight, born to Sir John Seymour and Margery Wentworth. I didn’t receive as much formal schooling as Henry’s previous wives, but I was excellent at needlework and managing the household, which were considered more important skills for women in my day, anyway. After all, Anne Boleyn tried to put her two cents in regarding Henry’s national affairs, and look where that got her…

In 1532, I became a maid of honor to Queen Catherine of Aragon, Henry’s first wife. I also served Anne Boleyn when she became Queen. It wasn’t long before I had caught Henry’s eye… he was already dissatisfied with his new wife and her inability to give him a son, and so he began to throw his romantic charms my way. I sensed that I was the next step in his ongoing quest to produce an heir – third wife’s the charm?

Lady Jane Dress:

Lady Jane DressJust 11 days after Anne Boleyn’s execution, Henry and I were married at the Palace of Whitehall. My first order of business as Queen was to put an end to the frivolity Anne had perpetuated in the Queen’s household. A Queen must model decorum! I preferred moderation and formality in my court, none of those wild entertainments and showy French fashions Anne had favored.

I thought it a shame that Henry had distanced himself from his first daughter, Mary, and made great efforts to get Henry to place her back into the line of succession. While he didn’t heed my request, he did reconcile with her, which made Mary so grateful to me. It just warmed my heart to see father and daughter reunited!

Queen of Scots:

Queen of Scots Gown

In 1537, I gave birth to a son, the future King Edward VI. But before long, it became clear that I was seriously ill. Labor had been difficult for me, lasting two days and three nights. I died on October 24, 1537 of post-natal complications. I was the only Queen to receive a proper Queen’s burial – Henry was buried beside me when I died in 1547, marking me as his true Queen in his heart.

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