A New Way to Be Human

With the emergence of Anne Rice novels, The Twilight Saga series, and television shows such as The Vampire Diaries and True Blood, it is undeniable that vampire fever has swept pop culture.  Everywhere you turn nowadays, it seems like the vampire craze just keeps growing.  And as vampires keep bombarding the media, you can’t help asking the question: are vampires real?

While vampires who are immortal, have fangs, avoid the sun, and can fly are not real, there are people who call themselves vampires, who live unique lifestyles (known as lifestyle vampires).  They are a subculture of people, who imitate the lives of fictional vampires.  These people sometimes dress in black, but often wear regular clothing, to avoid rejection and attention from others.  They immerse themselves in full lifestyles, including extended families modeled after those of vampire fiction.  While lifestyle vampires don’t attest to supernatural powers, they are more than mere costumed characters having fun.  They take their lifestyles seriously, as it seems to bring them inner fulfillment.

Vampire Complete Costume:

Vampire Complete Costume

Within the lifestyle vampire realm, there are a few subgroups; one of them being sanguine (blood or blood-red) vampires.  As disturbing as it is, sanguine vampires take their lifestyles to the next level by drinking real human blood.  And their drinking is not recreational, as would be the case with an occasional beer.  No, they prey on human volunteers or donors, by inducing a small cut and sucking directly from the body.  Some sanguine vampires even say that they need blood to survive.  This is a psychological condition of their choosing, not a diagnosed physiological condition.

Another sect of lifestyle vampires are the psychic vampires, also known as pranic vampires.  These vampires claim that they need to feed off the energy of other people to complete their spirit.  They are helpless in generating their own energy and say that they lack the capacity to store any energy they may have.  For psychic vampires, there are different “feeding techniques” so they can learn how to draw from the energy of others.  And for the record, it should be mentioned that psychic vampires are not fortune tellers.

Separate from lifestyle vampires are transcendental vampires and psychopathic vampires.  Transcendental vampires strive to be immortal.  They believe that their soul will travel into, and fuse with the body and soul of a younger vampire to reach immortality.  Psychopathic vampires are deemed insane and feed on the blood of victims after they are killed.  This term has sometimes been associated with serial killers of the past.

Classic Vampiress Costume:

Classic Vampiress Complete Vampire Costume

Not to be confused with lifestyle vampires is vampire role playing.  The people who fit this category don’t actually claim to be human vampires, just serious vampire fans.  They do wear the costume and practice the lifestyle, such as sleeping in coffins.  However, they don’t drink blood and they can turn it off at any time.  They also engage in many vampire role playing games.

When it comes down to it, vampires are very intriguing and live an interesting, if not unsettling, lifestyle.  Fortunately, however, one does not have to be a lifestyle vampire or even a role player to look like one.  Be sure to check out our Vampire Costumes at:  http://www.historicalclothingrealm.com/

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