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Trivia on the Templar Knights

The crusades of the Middle Ages brought about the emergence of religious knights.  Among them were the Templar knights, a military order of the poor fellow-soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon.  The Templars arose in 1129, endorsed … Continue reading

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Greek Glamour: The Clothing of Ancient Greece

If you lived in ancient Greece back in the day, getting the clothes you wanted to wear would have been no easy feat.  Ancient Greek apparel wasn’t as accessible as it is today where anyone can just walk into Target … Continue reading

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Peasant Clothing – Stylish Simplicity

As the lowest people on the totem pole, medieval peasants lived simple lives and their basic clothing was largely reflective of this fact.  Like everything else in the Middle Ages, peasant dress was mandated by the feudal system.  As was … Continue reading

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Truth Or Lie: Clearing Up Myths on Pirate Image and Pirate Clothing

When you think of pirates, you probably envision a crew of larger-than-life characters roaming the high seas.  In many ways, these men do live up to their legacy, but in other ways, they are far from it.  As pirates have … Continue reading

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Brocade; beauty At Its Best

In the realm of fabrics, there are many choices, but the fairest of them all is arguably brocade.  Brocade refers to a class of fabrics woven of colored silks, sometimes with gold and silver threads.  Throughout history, it has been … Continue reading

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Historical Clothing Christmas Sale!

We’re celebrating this Holiday season with a 12 Days of Christmas Sale! Get your final Christmas gifts with big savings with the coupon code “christmas” and get an instant 15% off your order. The code applies to any item, any … Continue reading

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Viking Fashion – An Unsolved Mystery

In reflecting on the many mysteries in fashion of ancient cultures, the Vikings jump to the top of that list.  With little written documentation, few images, and sparse archeological evidence, information on Viking style is very fragmented.  Opinions vary on … Continue reading

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Men In Tights Through The Centuries

The idea lf men wearing tights is not a new one.  In fact, it is one dating as far back as the 16th century, where paintings of the Italian Renaissance displayed men wearing the equivalent of pantyhose.  As horses were … Continue reading

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