Trivia on the Templar Knights

The crusades of the Middle Ages brought about the emergence of religious knights.  Among them were the Templar knights, a military order of the poor fellow-soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon.  The Templars arose in 1129, endorsed by the Catholic Church and grew quickly in number and power.  They were distinguished by white mantles with red crosses and were top-of-the-line skilled fighters.  The Templar order lasted for two centuries and many interesting aspects surround them.  Here are some of them for your enlightenment.

The Crusades:

The Templars were known as one of the richest organizations of its time.  This was because one was required to surrender their land and wealth to their leaders upon joining the knights Templar.  As a result, the Templars developed a successful banking system and are believed to have been the model for the modern banking system of today.

As a prominent fellowship of their time, the Templar knights were vastly respected and gained a great deal of popularity.  Because of this, many wealthy people willed the Templars money when they passed away, thus increasing their wealth and strengthening the banking system.

With their strict and disciplined practices, Templar knights are often mistaken for monks or priests.  While it is true that they followed the lifestyles of these devout types, Templar knights were distinguished from monks and priests.

Templar Tunic:

Templar Tunic

While wealth was a huge asset for the Templar knights, it was also turned out to be a curse.  Hurting financially, King Philip IV of France asked the Templars for money and imprisoned their grand master of the Templar knights, Jacques De Molay, when they refused to grant his request.  Because the arrest took place on Friday October 13, 1307, some believe that this is where the unlucky day “Friday the 13th” originated.  This played a huge role in the downfall of the Templar knights.

After the conflict with King Philip IV of France, the Templar knights shifted from being respected to being hunted.  Thus, they went into hiding underground where they formed a secret society.  As a covert operation, the Templar knights became feared and were thought to have committed treasonous acts and blasphemy against the church.

There is much speculation that the Templar knights were protectors of the Holy Grail.  However, there is much debate on what the Holy Grail is.  Some hold to the belief that it is the cup Jesus drank out of at the Last Supper while others believe it was a shipping route to the Orient and still others view it as the Templar banking system.

Templar Cape:

Templar Cape

Some people believe that the Templars are still in existence today, morphing into the illuminati and Freemasons.

Medieval Helmets:

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