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What You Should Know To Achieve A Steampunk Look

So, you’ve heard of steampunk, a style combining Victorian fashion with modern science fiction elements.  And now you want to get in on this hip trend.  Being a seemingly bizarre idea, it can be hard to know exactly where to … Continue reading

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Highlights of Medieval Fashion

In the Medieval period (11th-13th centuries), a wide range of fashions were seen.  From soft and widespread and brought about clear boundaries between upper class nobility and lower class peasants.  The styles established during this time also gave rise to … Continue reading

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What You May Not Know About Renaissance Clothing

In looking at the Renaissance era, the common association is a time of grandeur, rich art, and elegant fashion.  While this was true, it is often overlooked that this period was also a time of cruelty, disease, and poverty.  In … Continue reading

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An Overview of Gothic Period Fashion

The height of Gothic style was between the 10-11th centuries and the 14th century.  Byzantine culture was a prominent influence in Gothic dress in the east while styles in the west were always 25-30 years behind.  Because of this, Western … Continue reading

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The Crown: A Royal Representation

Royalty wear it!  Commoners covet it!  Artists marvel at its beauty!  Status and honor are derived from it and it is none other than the crown!  This head piece has been around for ages and has had quite an evolution. … Continue reading

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Hidden Historical Gems About Tudor Period’s Henry VIII

The Tudors were a royal family that ruled England from 1485-1603 and thus this period became known as the Tudor period.  This was a very exciting time in history in which new religious ideas and expeditions were introduced.  Among the … Continue reading

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What You May Not Know About The Elizabethan Era

The Elizabethan era was an exquisite time during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I in the late 1550s.  The period lasted for 60 years and brought about an English renaissance in literature, poetry, and music.  Spirits were high and the … Continue reading

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Short Survey of Robin Hood Films

He’s a thief (for a charitable cause)!  He’s clever and cunning, as well as a good fighter!  And he’s usually wearing green!  He is none other than that notorious outlaw, Robin Hood, who has been the subject of several films … Continue reading

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John Coxon – Buccaneer Pirate At His Best

Long ago on the high seas during the 17th century Buccaneering Age of piracy, a man was born who terrorized the town of Santa Maria on the Spanish Main and carried off the governor and bishop to Jamaica.  Due to … Continue reading

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