Hidden Historical Gems About Tudor Period’s Henry VIII

The Tudors were a royal family that ruled England from 1485-1603 and thus this period became known as the Tudor period.  This was a very exciting time in history in which new religious ideas and expeditions were introduced.  Among the many monarchs that made this time and family famous was King Henry VIII.  He may, perhaps, be the greatest ruler of the Tudor period and to peak your interest, here are some lesser known trivia tidbits to peak your interest.

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  •  Anyone who disobeyed King Henry VIII’s edicts were arrested for treason and executed.  Rumor has it that 72,000 people were executed under his reign.
  • As a child, Henry VIII had his own whipping boy who took punishment for the young royal’s mistakes.
  • When Henry VIII had Anne Boleyn executed, he allowed her to choose her own executioner and allowed her to be put to death by sword rather than the traditional burning at the stake.
  • Even though Henry VIII had a mistress, it was forbidden for a man to be seen in public with his mistress.
  • Henry VIII was married a total of six times and had three surviving children.
  • Henry VIII chose his own nickname, which was “Sir Loyal Heart” and used it in tournaments.  He developed this name in the early stages of his marriage to Katherine of Aragon after she gave birth to a son who only lived a short while.


King Henry Red Royal Cape:

King Henry Red Royal Cape


  • Henry VIII’s waist went from 32 inches in the height of his reign to 54 inches upon death, with an ending weight of over 300 pounds.
  • Henry VIII was a keen composer and musician and owned 78 recorders, 78 flutes, 5 sets of bagpipes, and a harpsichord.
  • Henry VIII had an amazing memory and remembered the names of every servant employed in the royal households.
  • Henry VIII had a 2-story communal bathroom built in Hampton Court with 14 seats.


King Henry Suede Boots:

King Henry Suede Boots


  • Henry VIII was germ phobic and bathed frequently, as well as obsessing over cleanliness.  The Tudor period was a time when people did not take baths regularly.  In addition, the monarch was terrified of getting the plague and escaped to London during the summers to avoid it.
  • Henry VIII loved spending money and died in great debt.  Upon his death, he left an inventory of 20,000 items including the largest tapestry collection on record, 70 ships, and 6,500 handguns.  He also was the proud owner of 50 palaces by the time he died.


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