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The Kilt: Types And Trivia

When it comes to Scotland, there is no doubt that one of the primary staples of the land is the kilt.  This piece of clothing, which arguably looks like a skirt, has had a lasting impact on the world.  As … Continue reading

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Renaissance Clothing: What’s In A Color?

In the world of fashion, apparel comes in many colors with varying shades.  It is easy to assume that a color is merely something pleasant for the eye to gaze upon, but in truth, colors are very revealing of different … Continue reading

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Myth Buster: The Real Life of a Medieval Princess

To capture an accurate view of medieval princesses, forget all those fairy tales you read growing up.  Clear your mind of all the romantic ideas of castles, damsels in distress, and women who just sat around brushing their hair and … Continue reading

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Queen Victoria: What the History Books Leave Out About the Monarch of the Victorian Era

Her reputation greatly precedes her as the longest reigning female monarch in history, an esteemed leader of England, and the driving force behind the Victorian era, a period of style, sophistication, and innovation.  Hence is the legacy of Queen Victoria, … Continue reading

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King Arthur: Real or Mere Fantasy?

In the Hall of Fame of legendary figures, none compare to the great King Arthur.  This renowned character who pulled the sword, Excalibur, from the stone and became king, leading the Britains against the Saxon invaders in the 6th century, … Continue reading

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A Few Star Wars Surprises

Star Wars…you have seen the movies hundreds of times and know the characters like your best friends.  You’ve collected all the toys, read all the books, and are pretty sure you know everything there is to know about these famed … Continue reading

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