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Cloaks: Comfort And Style Through The Ages

You know these garments from fantasy characters such as Harry Potter or superheroes such as Batman, but before these guys got the reputation for being masters of the cloak, let’s take a look back at where these garments began. Cloaks: … Continue reading

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Velvet: The Softer Side

Looking back on fashion history, there have been several types of fabrics that have been introduced, but perhaps none has been as coveted as velvet.  It has been deemed a luxurious material that was once very exclusive, but in modern … Continue reading

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Pirate Fashion: A Lesson in History

This is a guest post by Marie Sumner, who never grew out of playing pretend. In order to fund her trips to anime conventions, renaissance fairs, and other costume parties, she writes for Wholesale Halloween Costumes. Pirates area very recognizable … Continue reading

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Colonial Dress

As with any era, colonial America brought its own flavor in many ways, including fashion.  It was reflective of the times and distinguished social status.   Drawing on inspiration from English style and trade, colonial fashion emerged.  For the wealthier … Continue reading

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