Manly Style For Women Pirates

What do Mary Read, Grace O’Malley, and Anne Bonny have in common?  If you guessed that they were all infamous female pirates ruling the seas, you are right on the money!  These women managed to ascend the ranks of piracy due to their intelligence, drive, and believe it or not, the clothing they chose to wear!

When it comes to women pirate attire, you may be disappointed to know that they did not flaunt anything that would distinguish their gender.  In fact, it was quite the opposite-they blended in with their male counterparts.  After all, you must remember that women were not initially embraced during the Golden Age of Piracy.  If they wanted to have a career on the high seas, they had to come aboard in a clever disguise.  That being said, a typical female pirate outfit would consist of leather, linen, or wool breeches with a velvet waistcoat and of course, the sash tied around the waist and running diagonally.  As with pirate men, pirate women were also crooks and would strip their captives of their clothes and add them to the wardrobe.

Pirate Lady Complete Costume:

Pirate Lady Complete Costume

Their clothing colors also resembled those of pirate men, boasting of deep red shades and blue.  These colors were reserved primarily for upper class and nobility on land, but pirates were riding the waters and paid no mind to these apparel edicts.  After all, who was going to catch them?!

In addition to the base attire, women pirates also flaunted doublets, coats made of brocade and ornamented with braids.  They also sported big, puffy shirts which probably aided in keeping their identities hidden.  Their long hair was covered by a bandana and accompanied by a tri-cornered hat.  For footwear, leather boots were the style of the day with silk or satin stockings underneath.  To top off the look, women pirates came armed and dangerous with daggers, pistols, and cutlasses.  Needless to say, these women pirates were not the gals you would want to mess with!

Though there was little to distinguish women pirates, from the men, there were a few accessories that made them stand out.  These accessories included gold hoop earrings, chains, and necklaces.  As jewels and jewelry were a symbol of wealth, it would not be uncommon for these tough girls to be spotted with a lot of these beauties.  They also sometimes went about in wigs and scarves too.

Mary Read Pirate Shirt:

Mary Read Pirate Shirt

While women pirates didn’t necessarily grab attention because of their feminine attire, they certainly gained attention because of their fierce and aggressive attitudes.  To see our line of clothing inspired by pirate women, check out

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