Medieval Times – A Bite Of History

So it’s a Friday night and you are looking for that perfect place to take that special someone.  However, you find yourself in a dilemma as McDonalds just doesn’t do the trick and you’ve been to the Olive Garden twice in the last week.  You look at the events calendar in the paper, but the dinner theater is dark tonight.  In that case, what do you do?  Well, there is a winning option you may not be aware of…Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament.  With locations in several major U.S. cities, this interactive dining delight offers a unique experience taking you back to the adventurous era of the Middle Ages.  Featuring fantastic food and a cast of talented actors and live animals, attendees are welcomed into an 11th century castle for a gallant good time.  Authentic medieval games, such as jousts and swordfights, thrill while you enjoy a mighty fine meal!

Long Medieval Tunic:

Long Medieval Tunic

While Medieval Times hasn’t been around a long time, it wasn’t born yesterday.  In fact, the first restaurant attraction was birthed in Spain in 1973 and made its way to the United States ten years later when the first North American Medieval Times opened in Florida to a warm reception.  As its popularity rose, this attraction emerged into a chain and spread to other parts of the U.S., making the exhilaration of knights and castles accessible to many and proving that interest in the Middle Ages is still very much alive and thriving!

In addition to being entertaining, Medieval Times has also been deemed an authentic experience by history buffs and enthusiasts alike. Those who have visited the attraction validate historical accuracy in every aspect – from the costumes to the architecture to the armor and weapons to the games.  A large part of this comes from the six to eight week training intensive that every cast member must undergo to be a performer.  The training process mirrors that of the real medieval period in which one would start as a squire and advance up the ranks and focuses on physical fitness, combat, and horsemanship.  In short, being a Medieval Times knight is no easy feat.

Medieval Princess Dress:

Medieval Princess Dress

What one can expect from their visit to Medieval Times is as follows.  Guests enter, first, into an outer arena where they are welcomed by knights, the princess, and other jovial characters.  They are also crowned with various colors and garb.  Next comes the meal in the inner arena with traditional medieval nourishment like chicken, bread, and dessert, served by wenches.  Then it is game time!  Guests are then treated to exciting acts including jousts in which knights ride in on horses and try to knock each other off, as well as sword fights and perhaps a few surprises.  Brace yourself for rowdy crowds!  And for further appreciation, you should know that the horses used in the show also go through rigorous training following the training knights of old would give their animals.  After the games, guests are ushered out by friendly actors, bidding adieu.

Dresses and Gowns:

And there you have it…your answer to a memorable Friday night date that is sure to impress and enlighten!  And one more thing, it is not uncommon for guests to come to Medieval Times in period costumes to get into the spirit!  That being said, take a look at our medieval clothing collection at

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