This Weeks Specials on – April 6th-13th Only

Hey there, we’ve updated the homepage of HCR to make it more dynamic in giving out specials sales and promotions updated weekly. We’ve just installed a powerful new system that let’s us run multiple promotions with the flexibility we’ve always wanted! We’ll be posting here to explain the different promotions every week! Here are the main promotions:

Our Main Promotion: 10% Off ALL Men’s Renaissance and Medieval Clothing

Includes all men’s clothing! Renaissance Doublets, Shirts, Tunics, Pants, Footwear, etc.









5% Off All Women’s Dresses and Gowns

renaissance dresses and gowns

Includes our most popular dresses, Country Maid Skirt w/ Bodice






A great offer on all helmets: 10% Off any helmet!

medieval and roman helmets

Get 10% Off All Viking, Roman, Greek, and Medieval Helmets.

Keep in mind all these promotions are automatically applied when you add an item eligible for the sale into the cart. No coupons necessary! Everyone will get the discount when you add the product to the cart.

We also have secondary promotions on other product lines throughout the site, they are:

1) 10% Off all Greek Armor and Breastplates

2) 5% Off all Medieval Weapons

3) 10% Viking Tunics and other Medieval Shirts and Tunics

Go checkout our homepage at or click the “Shop Now” link at the top navigation. Comment with your suggestions for sales next week!

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