5 Medieval Costumes You’ll Find in Your Nearest Costume Store

Are you looking for the perfect costume to wear to the next big party? Themed costume parties are always in style no matter what time of year it is. Renaissance and medieval clothing are especially popular this year thanks to several major blockbuster movies and television series. Click out this list of the top 5 medieval costumes from the costume professionals at Historical Clothing Realm.

Viking warrior

Her Royal Majesty

Everyone is fawning over the new royal family, but when it comes to extravagant attire, no one wore it better than Queen Elizabeth the 1st. Elizabeth was crowned Queen of England at the age of 25 in the year 1558. She was the standard of fashion and elegance in the late Renaissance era. Designers from across Europe fought for the chance to drape her in fine silks, damask prints, and elaborate embroidery.

Fair Maiden

For a simpler look, consider the fair maiden or common folk costume. The simple folk of this time period typically wore lighter fabrics like linen and cotton. If you’re planning on attending a local fair or outdoor event, this costume style won’t bog you down with extra layers and delicate beadwork.

Modest Monk

Although humble, monks from this time period were an essential part of everyday life. Monks in northern Europe perfected the art of making beer and wine. They also provided valuable medical services in addition to being protectors of literature and historical posterity.

Knight in Shining Armor

Imagine showing up to your next costume party or Renaissance fair in a full suit of armor. Historically accurate sets of armor usually include a cotton tunic, a chainmail shirt, an assortment of metal guards, and a breastplate. If you’re worried about comfort, you can also find sets made of hardened plastic or foam carved and painted with decorative designs.

Viking Warrior

During this time period, the people of northern Europe were under constant threat of a Viking invasion. Unlike the typical medieval knight, these warriors wore leather armor and loose fabrics that made moving easier and combat more deadly. They usually painted their shields and faces with the colors of their clan.

These are just a few of the hottest costumes you’ll find at a medieval clothing store near you.

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