How to Choose a Costume for a Renaissance Festival

Renaissance faires are a popular way to dive into the colorful world of the Renaissance. Fun for adults and children alike, they give you the chance to experience life as it was in the 1500s by completely immersing you in the shops, games, and other traditions of the time. One way to get involved is by wearing your own Renaissance faire clothing. With so many options to choose from, you’ll soon feel right at home as you develop your own role to play.

Renaissance costumes

Choose Your Profession

Most Renaissance festival costumes are based around a profession–and, more broadly speaking, the class associated with that profession. You might prefer to dress as part of the upper class, or you might prefer a trade such as baker, blacksmith, or tailor. You’ll see plenty of people of all professions in action at the faire itself, but don’t worry–you won’t be expected to ply your trade just yet. Just get into character and enjoy chatting with your fellow workers and admiring all the different goods for sale.

Choose Your Materials

Renaissance clothing was not as colorful or intricate as clothes today, especially for the lower classes. In general, the materials should be fairly simple and usually made from earthy tones like green and brown. Of course, they should also be made from natural materials, since synthetic fibers hadn’t been invented yet.

Noblemen and women can have slightly more elaborate Renaissance fair costumes made out of finer materials such as silk. However, you should still avoid patterns and bright, jarring colors like neon green.

Choose Your Accessories

Most people in the Renaissance didn’t accessorize heavily, but you may want to add one or two items to round out your costume. Women–especially upper-class women–can have a simple piece of jewelry or two, but should avoid obvious makeup. Bonnets and hats make practical accessories, as do leather pouches fastened to a simple belt, which are perfect for carrying all the items you’d usually throw into your purse!

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