A Maintenance Guide for Renaissance Dresses

Renaissance faires are a fun way for people of all ages to go back in time and get caught up in a completely different lifestyle. Buying your own Renaissance costume is one of the easiest ways to take part in the festivities. Learn how to take care of your new costume so it can last you for many faires to come!

Renaissance dressHandle with Care

The most important rule when it comes to your Renaissance dresses is to handle them as carefully as possible. Although you’ll be exposed to dirt, animals, and more at Renaissance fairgrounds, do your best to avoid anything that will tear or stain your clothes. Be especially careful when eating and keep in mind that sweat and perfume can cause damage to the material, especially if they are left there for a long period of time. Clean your costume as soon as you come home from the faire to keep it in the best shape possible.

Cleaning Your Costume

How you clean your costume depends largely on the material it’s made from. Ask anywhere they have Renaissance costumes for sale and someone should be able to give you advice on the proper way to clean your clothes. In general, follow these steps:

  • Remove any jewelry or other additions to the clothes whenever possible–these may get damaged or damage the rest of the garment during cleaning.
  • Basic materials such as cotton that aren’t heavily patterned or ornamented can usually be washed at home. Other materials such as velvet or silk should be brought to a drycleaners or an expert in Renaissance costumes.
  • Iron or reshape your clothing as necessary. Follow any instructions that came with the clothes when you got your Renaissance dresses for sale.

Storing Your Costume

Because you won’t be wearing your Renaissance clothing frequently, proper storage is necessary to ensure it stays in good condition year-round. Make sure the clothes are completely clean and dry before putting them into storage. If jewelry or anything else heavy is sewn into the fabric, store it laying down rather than hanging to avoid stretching the fabric. Otherwise you can hang the garments on hangers wrapped in cloth. Then wrap up the entire garment to prevent it from gathering dust or becoming faded in the sun.

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