Fashion Trends in Renaissance Festival Costumes

If you haven’t been to your local Renaissance festival, you’re missing out. Several new trends are taking center stage at festivals across the country. Before you check out all the action, don’t forget your Renaissance period clothing. Read more about the latest trends from the clothing experts at Historical Clothing Realm

Game of Thrones

Man in Armor

Some of the most prevalent costumes you’ll see at the local Renaissance fair hail from the hit HBO series, Game of Thrones. Believe it or not, the costume designers for the show took a lot of inspiration from the dark ages and the Renaissance. Fans of the show are familiar with characters like the Hound, whose signature dog-face helmet uses the same design as the pig-faced Bascinet from the 13th century. Skilled blacksmiths were able to craft these helmets in the likeness of fearsome animals like wolves and bears.

Other helms like that of Sir Loras of Highgarden are reminiscent of the closed helm from 15th century France. Depending on where your favorite Westeros character hails from, your attire will naturally reflect that. Northmen wore heavy cloaks trimmed in dark furs while Southern ladies prefer colorful silks and short-sleeved bodices. Show pride for your favorite house by dressing the part at the next festival.

British Royalty

Everyone’s still buzzing about the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton as well as the new additions to the royal family. This buzz has raised renewed interest in famous historical figures of the British Royal Family. Among the most popular figures of British history are Anne Boleyn and Henry the Eighth. Up until her beheading, Anne, Henry’s second wife, was recognized by the necklace she wore: a string of pearls with the infamous “B” charm. As king, Henry was always wearing the latest fashions. Henry favored purple velvet, the most expensive fabric of his time, trimmed with gold and encrusted with jewels. Henry and Anne’s daughter, Elizabeth, the Virgin Queen, was also a trendsetter. Her most famous gown, however, was the white velvet dress she wore under a silver breastplate on the eve of the Battle of Tilbury.

For more classic renaissance festival costumes and the latest styles, consult the experts at Historical Clothing Realm.

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