How to Pick a Costume for the Renaissance Festival

Renaissance fairs are popular for a reason. They allow people to transport themselves to a time in history they never experienced. The fairs are also a chance to show your crafty side by making your own costume. You don’t want to be one of those dressed in modern clothing. The idea is to commit. So, if you’re new to Renaissance period clothing, follow these tips to create your ideal costume.

Woman in armor with a sword holding an owl

Pick a Persona

Before you start crafting your costume, think about what kind of character you’d like to be. There are many possibilities. You can be someone of royal blood or a peasant, a jester or a knight. What matters is that you have fun with it and choose a character that you know you can create. Keep in mind, this all depends on how much time you have. If you can’t think up a character, choose a real life famous person from the Renaissance. You could be Michelangelo, Queen Elizabeth I, Shakespeare, and many more!


It’s always best to strive for accuracy when creating your Renaissance fair costumes. Corsets, puffy shirts, and robes, among others, are common garments. Again, this depends on the persona you’re adopting. If you want to be a knight, invest in a suit of armor costume to really make an impression on other visitors. On the other hand, most decide to make their costumes themselves rather than buy one. This is where you start to combine different articles of clothing as mentioned before, or putting together a brand new and unique outfit. If you consider yourself a crafty person, take the time to sew together your costume. Patrons will appreciate the effort you put in.

Renaissance fairs are fun for the whole family. Among the best parts are the costumes, so you shouldn’t shy away from trying it yourself. Plan your Renaissance festival costumes accordingly, and don’t forget to do a little research. Once you have it all figured out, go have a merry stroll and eat some mutton!

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