Kids Renaissance Costumes: How to Choose

Whether your son wants to be a knight for Halloween or your daughter wants to be a princess at the upcoming Renaissance festival, finding the right medieval clothing for your kid can be more difficult than it sounds. While costume shops abound and online shopping makes things easy, it’s difficult to find a historically accurate costume in children’s sizes. If you’re hunting for the right Renaissance costume for your kid, check out these tips for finding the perfect one.


Your Child’s Wishes

Unless you want to have your little court jester pouting all day at the Renaissance festival, it’s important to consider your child’s wishes when you’re looking at kids’ Renaissance costumes. As badly as you may want your son or daughter to wear a specific costume, it’s going to be easier on everyone if they have some say in what they wear. So, let them look at costumes with you and pick out a few that they like. This will help them feel like their opinion matters, and will make it more likely that they’ll smile in those photos you’ll be snapping all day.

Your Child’s Comfort

Another important factor to consider is how comfortable your kid will be in the costume that you buy. That princess dress might look perfect in the pictures, and your daughter might love it at first, but will she be comfortable wearing it throughout the party or event you’re attending? Pay attention to the materials used in the costume. Will they be too heavy, itchy, or hot for your child to wear for an extended period? If so, consider looking for something else.

Historical Accuracy

Finally, ask yourself how historically accurate you want your child’s costume to look. Of course, this should come after the things listed above, but finding a historically accurate costume can really take your child’s outfit to the next level. Look for designs that are correct for the time period, from the emblems stitched on your little knight’s tunic to the hemline on your young princess’s dress. If you really want something true to the period, then make sure you shop somewhere that specializes in Renaissance festival costumes instead of a general costume shop.

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