Costume Ideas for Your next Renaissance-Themed Party

If you love the Renaissance era, then it’s perfectly natural to want to plan a party with a Renaissance theme. While a lot of things go into making such a party perfect, one of the most important things to consider is what you will wear. As the host, you want a costume that is going to make a statement and stand out in the crowd, while still being as historically accurate as possible. So, if you’re looking for a few ideas for your next themed party or for Renaissance fair costumes, check out this list of ideas.


Nobleman or Noblewoman

Want to rule over your party with a regal air? Then you should don the costume of a nobleman or noblewoman. Nobility in the Renaissance era favored elaborate stitching and accents of gold among other bold colors. In such attire, you will surely stand out at your party.


Pirates were certainly common during this period in history, and a historically accurate pirate costumes are perfect for both men and women. You’ll look positively dashing in high black boots or a flattering corset. But, don’t expect there to be eye patches and peg legs; you’ll want your pirate look to be true to traditional pirates of the Renaissance era.


Gentlemen can never go wrong when dressing as a knight for a Renaissance party. It’s a classic look that anybody would recognize. If you want to ensure it’s historically accurate, make sure you look for a costume that features traditional emblems of the nobility, like the rearing lion or St. George’s cross. And of course, ladies can make dashing knights as well!

Court Jester

Want to be the life of your party and the source of all the laughter? Then a court jester’s costume is perfect for your party. Look for costumes with bright colors and a patchwork style. Though the hat with dangling bells is a common theme in this costume, it’s not true to the Renaissance era. Instead, look for pointed caps with large fringes.

All of these Renaissance costumes will work perfectly for your next party!

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