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The Inside Scoop: Medieval Fabric Linings

Medieval times brought about a stylish array of fashions for women.  As is the case in historical periods, attire reflected social status and said a lot about a person.  While the outer appearance changed over time, the inner garment linings … Continue reading

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The Medieval Wedding: Today’s Traditions With Different Dress

In the vein of weddings during historical periods, the medieval ceremony wins the prize for the one giving rise to some of the modern day customs.  For example, the fancy and layered wedding cake of today’s receptions was brought about, … Continue reading

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Medieval Clothing – Color Says It All

When you think of the clothing of the Middle Ages, you probably envision fancy shirts and colorful dresses, richly ornamented and elaborately crafted.  While this was the case for a small percentage of people, do not be deceived!  Surprisingly, this … Continue reading

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Highlights of Medieval Fashion

In the Medieval period (11th-13th centuries), a wide range of fashions were seen.  From soft and widespread and brought about clear boundaries between upper class nobility and lower class peasants.  The styles established during this time also gave rise to … Continue reading

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