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Renaissance Clothing: What’s In A Color?

In the world of fashion, apparel comes in many colors with varying shades.  It is easy to assume that a color is merely something pleasant for the eye to gaze upon, but in truth, colors are very revealing of different … Continue reading

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Now For a Non-Practically-Polygamous Renaissance Man… Thomas Cromwell!

As we ended our series on Henry VIII’s wives, we thought it best to jump back with a jolt of testosterone by discussing the life of one of the most influential men in Henry’s court: Thomas Cromwell. Thomas Cromwell, also … Continue reading

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Guide to Renaissance Swag, Men’s Edition:

Rebirth of the Puffy Shirt What a gentleman thou art – draped in the finest silk that one might wish Your camicia divine, sleeves puffed heartily like a noble blowfish! At the incoming of the 15th century, Fashion rose from … Continue reading

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