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Ancient Roman Weddings: Lasting Impressions

Weddings of today didn’t get to where they are on their own.  Much inspiration through the ages has aided in shaping the attire and customs of the modern day ceremony.  Among these influences is that of ancient Rome, which has … Continue reading

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Greek Glamour: The Clothing of Ancient Greece

If you lived in ancient Greece back in the day, getting the clothes you wanted to wear would have been no easy feat.  Ancient Greek apparel wasn’t as accessible as it is today where anyone can just walk into Target … Continue reading

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Peasant Clothing – Stylish Simplicity

As the lowest people on the totem pole, medieval peasants lived simple lives and their basic clothing was largely reflective of this fact.  Like everything else in the Middle Ages, peasant dress was mandated by the feudal system.  As was … Continue reading

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